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I hate being teased, but you did a good job on this one. Like you said, "Just enough"!

Holy shit. This was a pretty great collab. Lots to laugh at. Hope y'all are enjoying smash as much as I am.

Kind of disappointed that there wasn't any reference to Picolo Dick since this was A rated. But a pretty good collab none the less. Good job all!

PhantomArcade responds:

Sorry we didn't provide the daily dose, that's a pretty genuine mistake.

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Kept playing until the game broke. Got to ~150 Difficulty and the battle name started giving me error names, ~180 gave me white boxes where the towns were supposed to be, and at ~210 the game broke and my browser gave me a java script error. All within a 24 hour period. Pretty cool, but I was expecting an ending. I guess breaking the game is a pretty evil ending lmao.

the levels seem okay, nothing too challenging, but they aren't complex. a suggestion for the boss level would be to remove the long path leading into the boss room. since you die in one hit, it gets a little tedious when you have to try again.

This was pretty good! Not too keen on the self loathing parts, but you did a pretty good job "simulating" this experience. If I know someone who ever needs to know how it feels to come out (Gay or not), I'll be sure to show them this. Good job and Congrats!

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Now THIS is 8-bit! I can't stop listening to this loop!

Fretzone responds:

Thanks man, i'm glad you like it

wow, this sounds pretty good :) keep it up!

I'm getting down to this!

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The first thing that caught my eye was the direction the nipples faced. Nipples don't point directly left or right. In this perspective they should be facing the camera, but slightly off to the side. The next thing I noticed was the boobs themselves. They are disproportionate and asymmetrical. The boob on the right looks like it formed from the left shoulder and the dividing line between the breasts looks like it's going in the same direction. Your tits are overlapping one another as well. (Which is not natural) My last criticism would be with the legs. I'm not too good with legs myself, but the right thigh outline shouldn't stop right above the crotch. It should keep flowing until it reaches the hip bone area.

I'm not sure if you drew this from the top of your head, but I would suggest trying to trace over pictures of nude women in order to train yourself on how the female anatomy works. I can also suggest taking a look at Jazza and his many art tutorials. He covers a lot of anatomy aspects along with a plethora of other subjects. You can find him here on newgrounds as "Jazza", or on Youtube as "Draw with Jazza". Good luck, don't get discouraged, and keep improving!

Driverotica responds:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yeah, someone did tell me tracing is good for practice and getting better.

nice shoes

really interested in seeing the story unfold. glad you're putting a lot of time into making it look so well done!

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